Safaimitra Complaints Received Details

S.No Compliant Subject Compliant Recevied Date Person Name Person Mobile No Person House No Ward No. Status Person Address Service Rating
1 Their are so many pigs coming in night and creating many problems like spreading it grabage. 23-04-2021 22:51:08 Malik 9533712131 10-13-31 DIV.NO.28 Completed Near allalma iqbal libaray 1.
2 Septic Tank Full 01-09-2021 13:09:13 K.RAVI 9052522454 1/51/3/3A Div.NO.4 Completed PANGRA,Behind Hyundai Car Show Room 5.
3 no maintenance of road and sewage 02-12-2021 20:39:08 Sayeed 9703750404 6-2-102 DIV.NO.43 Completed opp zp quest house back side of working women's hostel subash nagar nizamabad 4.
4 under dragenes 5 mounts before its was cleaning it but anybody is not coming and not cleaning now its coming bad semel 29-01-2022 09:09:31 ranjith 9550906960 6-23-115 DIV.NO.17 Reopen under dragenes 5 mounts before its was cleaning it but anybody is not coming and not cleaning now its coming bad semel 2.
5 waheedia masjid sami hotel 22-04-2022 08:23:13 MOHAMMED Khalid 9951757532 9-20-1181 DIV.NO.30 Completed Auto nagar cm road near waheedia masjid
6 garbage not collecting from my home we are paying amount monthly collecting near by houses but not mine 25-04-2022 04:58:23 Sayeed 9703750404 6-2-102 DIV.NO.43 Completed opp zp guest house Subash nagar
7 Drain not cleaned 13-03-2021 16:34:59 lingareddy 9704345975 3-3-588/e DIV.NO.7 Completed near vikas school Gatrinagar 5.
8 drainage has not been cleaned since 15 days so please take the action immediately.i have registered a complaint in Twitter also but till now no has been responded so please slove the problem immediately 19-03-2021 07:35:55 pujeeth 9848794038 9-7-27 DIV NO 51 Completed near Hanuman Temple before barsing baba temple
9 Drains are full and there is blockage everywhere due to which mosquitoes are increasing day by day , creating health issues, please look into this issue as soon as possible. Thankyou Yours faithfully Mahendra Chiluka 31-03-2021 16:33:35 MahendraChiluka 9324414863 6-8-99 (6-8-91) DIV.NO.36 Completed Near S.T Boys Hostel, Namdevwada ,Nizamabad 3.
10 Driange is full not cleaning from 3months 20-04-2021 22:52:55 sathish 9666368002 10-9-259 DIV.NO.8 Completed Anand nagar NIZAMABAD Near oil mill 2.
11 drinage cleaning problem 30-04-2021 11:42:17 Srinivas 9493301191 2-125/103 DIV.NO.18 Completed Ashoka residency phase 1
12 Good Afternoon sir I request to you please clean the Sewerage line no badi come to this area 4 month complete please take the serious action 06-05-2021 13:23:28 mohammed ishaq 7569545475 9-18-102 DIV NO 56 Completed Area malapally near numaan medical little gems foundation School
13 due to sudden rain all drainage has filled with trash and silt( possibility of water pipes damages with drainage water) I kindly request you to take necessary action. 07-05-2021 09:40:44 L.swapna 7901088322 9-7-41 DIV NO 51 Completed gajulapet nizamabad 4.
14 drain cleaning 02-06-2021 13:07:11 Nandha 7989990223 3-3-490 DIV.NO.24 Completed Gayatri Nagar Nizamabad 5.
15 Drainage underground pipes has been jammed in our area due to heavy rain and dust flows, kindly send sanitary staff to clear at the earliest. thanks 03-06-2021 11:32:07 Santhosh Goud S 8639437721 1-115/28 DIV.NO.2 Rejected Madhura Nagar Colony, behind KITS Engineering College, Manikbhandar X road, Manikbhandar.
16 no cleaning of drainages,regularly we are cleaning,plz look into the same,since we are facing issues 13-06-2021 12:06:34 chandrakanth 9494960620 H no 1-13-399/A1 DIV.NO.6 Reopen ganga reddy house, hno 1-13-399/A1,near hero honda showroom,nizamabad -503002 1.
17 cleaning 03-07-2021 10:38:27 Municipality 8985199098 12345 DIV.NO.21 Completed Municipal Corporation Nizamabad 4.
18 our drainage is not cleaning for last month, so please take immediate action on this issue. 08-07-2021 18:46:29 SRINIVAS 9848323340 9-56/26 Div.NO.4 Completed Sanjeevareddy Colony Borgaon (p) Near water tank Nizamabad 5.
19 clean the seaver line 11-07-2021 13:11:02 irfan 6303502020 0000 DIV.NO.14 Completed beside bhavani dhaba 5.
20 please clean the street and drainage 30-07-2021 14:31:05 Bellal prasad 6303563602 9-6-4 DIV NO 51 Completed Burudugally near maisamma temple 1.
21 Drainage Full 29-08-2021 07:18:17 K.RAVI 9052522454 1/51/3/3A Div.NO.4 Completed Beside Hundai Car Show Room. PANGRA 5.
22 Total colony filled with rainwater and nearby drain water also even though we can't walk as water stayed knee level.No outlet to flow water kindly arrange proclainer to make hole to nearby drain which is backside to our street today only as quickly as possible. 07-09-2021 15:12:53 KATKAM RAMESH 9441153038 11-1-2927/4 DIV.NO.19 Completed Near Water Tank,Road No:4, GANGASTHAN PHASE-1. 1.
23 There is No maintenance of road and sewage , women's hostel also throwing all the wastage here My request is to maint it time to time 21-11-2021 12:33:37 Mohammed sayeed 9703750404 6-2-102 DIV.NO.43 Reopen 6-2-102 Opp Z P guest house back side of working women's hostel Subhash nagar Nizamabad 1.
24 sewer is full , workers are not cleaning it since weeks 22-11-2021 11:40:49 mohd maaz rehan 7794049125 9-15-74/a DIV NO 55 Completed Ahmed pura colony near , gali opp arfat masjid 5.
25 drainages are filled up with plants and waste material -municipal workers doesn't perform their duties in this lane especially (they only clear the other lanes) drains are broken and water is leaking into nearby plots. sewer water is getting pooled into plots leading to foul smell and growth of algae & other plants which has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and also increasing snakes coming into residential homes frequently 23-11-2021 10:35:28 manju 9346344763 3-10-383 DIV.NO.7 Completed opp:radio station ,Vivekananda Nagar colony ,nyalkal road ,nizamabad
26 drainage not clean and build properly so that we are family suffering from viral fevers so I request u to clean and build the proper drainage,thank u sir. 29-11-2021 08:52:02 Anil 7901133549 12-5-28 DIV.NO.14 Completed Arsapally,Bagatcolony,div-14, nizamabad 1.
27 no response from my complaint 02-12-2021 20:36:53 Sayeed 9703750404 6-2-102 opp zp quest house DIV.NO.43 Completed back side of working women's hostel Subhash nagar nizamabad 4.
28 how many times I was completed but nobody take the action last 6 month he was come no take action 25-12-2021 07:28:15 mohammed ishaq 7569545475 9 -18 - 101 DIV NO 54 Completed H : No 9 -18 -102 Malapally st road near water tank Numaan medical opposite road 4.
29 drainage water became stagnant in open plot opp to sita Rama temple compound wall beside 8-258/4/1. severe problem to all surrounding houses with flies and mosquitoes and bad smell . 26-12-2021 07:05:30 m.suresh kumar 9296155770 8-258/4/1 DIV.NO.5 Reopen open plot opp to sitarama alayam compound wall telecom colony 1.
30 25 days nundi cleaning cheyatamledu please thwaraga clean cheyandi 🙏 18-01-2022 08:01:04 Dyaga Prashanth 9640495422 9-7-100 DIV NO 51 Completed gajulpet 4.
31 sewer is full and not cleaned since 22-11-2021 , due to standing water in sewer their is significant increase in mosquito population.please make appropriate action for cleaning the sewer 18-02-2022 09:51:14 mohd maaz rehan 7794049125 9-15-74/a DIV NO 56 Reopen near current bill payment shop, nizamabad 1.
32 sewer is full 06-03-2022 09:22:19 mohd maaz rehan 7794049125 9-15-74/1 DIV NO 56 Completed near arfat masjid, current bill payment shop 5.
33 not a coming for 1 month ago 24-03-2022 14:32:46 Kalevar Saikris 9347682770 6-13-131 DIV.NO.35 Completed 6-13-131
34 Not collecting garbage daily collecting it from near by houses but not coming to my home 25-04-2022 05:00:35 sayeed 9703750404 6-2-102 DIV.NO.43 Completed Opp zp guest house subash nagar nizamabad
35 Rotary Nagar Sai Nagar 02-05-2022 08:11:07 Srinivas rao 8074266920 3-10-350 DIV.NO.7 Under Process Rotary Nagar

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